About Earthists Inc

We are a social enterprise at heART.

What that means is we put people and planet before profit.

We have created a community that aims to help artists stay true to their dreams and visions. We feature artists that choose to use their artwork to help aid progress to society and environment.

We will soon be launching a subscription service that will allow users to download our art for a small monthly fee. This service will be accompanied by a pledge – 7 ARTicles of love that the Artist for Earth community tries their best to live by every day. We want to spread this way of thinking to all corners of the planet. We hope to use this pledge to enable us to be a people funded platform that turns your love for progress into unified action. Together, we can create a world we all want to live in, a world where art and technology with love as a compass can create a golden age of progress.

Things we want to see: Gender Equity, Sustainable Living, Income Equity and the Elimination of Poverty, Healing through Art Therapy, Protection to our Environment, Animals and Water, Choosing Love over Hatred and Peace over Violence.

We can create this world, each one of us, step by step, together.