Dandora Music

Music Collective, Kenya

Genre: Hip-Hop

About: Dandora Music is a group of young, passionate, energetic, creative, and talented musicians from Dandora, Nairobi-Kenya. Their musical journey began in the year 2012 after successfully graduating from Dandora Music School. Being the first students to graduate from the music school, they formed a group and called themselves “Dandora Music.” The group consists of 4 young talented members Out of the 4 members, 2 are adults: Francis Demesi aka Franso Kenya, and Chris Oyola aka Krizey. The rest are teenagers, who go by name names of Elisha and Fode. All the members of the group were born and raised in Dandora, growing up in harsh conditions faced with extreme poverty as they are from low income families striving to make ends meet.


In Kenya only four artists have made the cut to have their videos published on Vevo, an affiliate of MTV. Victoria Kimani opened the Vevo gates for Kenyan artists when she became the first to get approved. Gospel artist L Jay Maasai who won the Upcoming awards at Groove Awards. From the Hip hop world Dandora Music became the youngest artists from Kenya to get approved by Vevo beating fellow rapper Wangeci who got her Vevo accredition at 16. The group was then composed of six young rappers ranging between ages 12 and 15 years.





Dandora Music Musical Journey

Dandora music started as a hardcore hip hop band back in 2012. Then, later on the group decided to change their musical style to Afro-House mix (Rap and house music). The group is composed of Francis Demesi, Chris Oyola, Elisha Odhiambo, Fode Gesaka. Previous members are Dennis Kimatu, Stephen Naikara and Truphena achieng who unfortunately left the group.

Dandora music came in to the lime light in February 2012 after a successful
recording and releasing of their first single JIKAZE feat Laura. However, the song did not receive so much hype and attention from the fans and the media fraternity as expected. In December 2012, the group departed to Nanyuki to meet producer joost kappe of Bware studios and here they recorded two singles (Same time and No more pollution). Our Manager Franso sent One of the song (Same time) to DJ whizzy a former dj at Ghetto radio and also to DJ Finalkut of Homeboyz Radio for Airplay. The two DJs fell in love with song and they decided to give it high rotation on the radio and clubs. In January 2013, Dj whizzy decided to invite Dandora Music for an interview on Ghetto radio’s Hip hop show that happens every Tuesday nights. This marked Dandora music’s first ever interview on a National Radio station.

Later that month, Dj finalkut invited Dandora Music on homeboyz radio for another interview and freestyles. In this show, Dandora Music got the opportunity to launch “Same Time” officially to the fans. With so much expectations from the fans, Dandora Music decided to head back to the studio with producer Kanyeria to record “Look up,” which was later
changed to “Looking up.” The song features Klein Kalonzo the son of Kenya former vice president Kalonzo Musyoka. The song received a lot hype and attention from media. It also attracted the likes of Legendary DJS :DJ Pinye of The Beat show and Dj Nijo of maisha mzuka. In September 2014, Dandora music released their sophomore album LOOKING UP. The album featured the likes of legendary multi-talented producer Kanyeria, Sniper G ganji
records, Joost kappe of Bware records and Provoke of Provok music. The group was also featured on the popular morning shows.


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Listen below to Dandora Music’s Latest Hit being featured on the radios NOW in Kenya featuring Artist for Earth Lauren Alice Hill!


Looking Up

On And On

Together We Can

Save Our Elephants