Read: Thoughts on Eric Garner…

After hearing about how there will be no indictment for the officer who killed Eric Garner, after hearing the same conclusion for the officer that killed Michael Brown, I realize one thing is plain and simple…

They cannot admit that they are wrong.

Those who are in power, those who are in the part of the system that protects you if you adhere to its ways, are not all of a sudden going to admit that what they have been doing for years and years is wrong.

We have come to a point now where racism is institutionalized. There is no one around anymore who were “the original racists.” We are all victims of this ‘caste system.’ Feudalism, Imperialism, heck even the Cold War, is not over.

The people are not becoming more aware of this. The people have known. The people are becoming more aware of each other. Through globalization, the internet and namely social media we can connect with people we have never even heard of before. Collectively, we can see things and understand things that we have never as a species been able to before. This means we have come to a time where we can finally abolish inequality, for good, and for the betterment of the species as a whole.

But, pointing out the flaws in the system and expecting due punishment is in vain. It will only cause more unrest. Or take a really long time to become effective.

Let us all admit that punitive systems do not work. Instead, we must offer amnesty.

As a people, we should come together, all of us, and say that this is wrong. Some people will fight us, no matter what, because they will be losing a lot. However, they will be losing that which never belonged to them in the first place. This will be punishment enough. Abuse of power and lack of accountability can go on no longer.

Change with us or get left behind.

We are all in this together. We cannot progress forward if we continue to let the old system hold us down. We have the collective conscience now to know that everyone deserves equal rights, animals and the environment included. We cannot continue to go forward as if we do not know. We have run out of excuses. Now that we know, we must act.

Let us all admit that the old ways are behind us and that we must all work together to create a new system that works for everyone.