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It's not about doing what's right, it's about protecting what you love. Shopping here generates funding for causes that are close to our heARTs. A percentage from every product sold supports someone or something in need. You can learn more about why we chose these causes and how we plan to act on them by going to our Campaigns and Projects page.

“Be the change you want to see in the world” Mahatma Gandhi

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It’s not about doing what’s right, it’s about protecting what you love. We believe in being socially and environmentally responsible, so we do our little part to give back. We’re just one little company, but with your help we can make a big difference. A percentage from every investment made through the application goes to supporting causes we all care about. What that means is we turn your good intentions into action and that’s exactly what the world needs right now. View our about page for more information.

We are eARThists Inc, Artists for Earth.

We believe in empowering others through art.
We believe in empowering ourselves through art.
It all stARTs with you, pARTicipate.