Welcome to the Intelligent Art Movement IAM

DOWNLOAD OUR APP NOW AT THE GOOGLE PLAY STORE. Press the “Play” button below to get to the app.

Here’s How Our NEW Mobile App Works:

FIRST, PICK AN ARTIST. Our artists for earth are committed to creating art for a cause and that is why we love them so.

SECOND, READ THEIR BIO. Get to know your artist. They are pretty cool, after all.

THIRD, READ THE CAUSE BIO. Learn about the cause they support.

FOURTH, INVEST $7/MONTH. Link a debit/credit card. Every month, we send you an invoice to make your pledge. This keeps you accountable to your commitment to IAM.

FIFTH, LEARN MORE. Read the artist and cause profiles. Read about our company. Read the Earthists Pledge. Get to know what being pART of IAM is all about.

Where Does The $7 Go Exactly?

Earthists Inc believes in empowering the artist first and foremost. A standard investment breaks down as follows, however each artist can choose to share as much of their investments with the cause they support as they want:

Artist: $4

Cause: $2

Earthists Inc: $1

The artist gets the most because this money supports the artist as well as their Intelligent artwork. Keep in mind that this pART of the investment goes the furthest because the Intelligent art will go on to bring awareness and possibly MORE funding for the cause it supports. The cause gets a reliable donation each month which is great for making real progress and Earthists Inc gets a portion to help maintain the website and mobile application. This is called a social investment because you get nothing back but the promise that your action is making postitive change.

What Is The Earthists Pledge?

Click on the “Bullhorn” link below to see the pledge and click on the “Leaf” link to learn ways you can ACT on your pledge besides becoming a pART of IAM (coming soon).

Why Invest Seven Dollars?

The $7 represents our earthists pledge. Our pledge gives you an idea of what it means to be an eARThist. When you invest in one of our artists for earth, you become a pART of our tribe. Look at our tribe as like a wolf pack – we believe in emphasizing the individual as well as the community, a healthy balance between the two. As a pART of our tribe, we encourage you to read our pledge and commit to it through action every month with your investment. A pledge means nothing if you do not ACT on it. Your monthly pledge reminds you of your commitment to being a force of positive impact.

Why Only $7, not more or less?

We model our Earthists pledge on natural earthly based science and a respect for our mother nature. To be an Earthist is to emphasize your humanity. Humanity is defined by equality. In our community, we are all equal. We are all connected. We are all one. No one can invest more and no one can invest less.

Make a Pledge

Commit to Change. 

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