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Lauren Alice Hill *Lo Ali* Online Art Studio

Welcome to my online art studio. My art is divided into the following styles:

  • storytellin’ through poetry – spoken and written
  • photography – mostly on my Samsung or Nikon
  • fine art – paintin’, pen, sketchin’, marker, colored pencil, pastel, charcoal
  • music – singin’, chantin’, guitar, piano, drum
  • mixed media – usually a combination of above creations blended together with free apps on my phone

All are forms of divine channeling also known as a form of shamanism. I call it flow art.

I speak the language of Mother Earth, trying to interpret her will, for she is a living being as well.

I base my work in nature, science and personal experience.

I use my art to heal, restore and transform. My artwork acts as a bridge between life here on eARTh and the divine realms.


More of my artwork will be featured soon! For now, please explore the below videos. They are very special to me. All works are created in the form of flow, raw and in the moment. Keep an open mind, do not get caught up in details and try to focus on the messages behind them. These are messages interpreted straight from the divine with little or no interference on my part. Thank you for your time. Sat Nam.

You can find more information about each video on the Earthists Inc Vimeo page. Click the video to read the description below.

Fine Art:

My fine art is inspired by a combination of real-life experiences and my dreams. I do my best to interpret what I experience through my artwork. Sometimes, I draw exactly what I see. Other times, I draw whatever comes to me in the moment, not focusing on appearance or content. Many times, these images are accompanied by divine messages that flow to me in the form of poetry. More of this channeling and my poetry will be featured soon. Eventually, I will have packages available for download through our subscription service. More information about that service here.

You can follow my Instagram @wanderin_gypc for in the moment channeling, for free.

This channeling occurs through all of my creations as well as my photography, an instant capture of what I am experiencing at that moment. There is much more to each photo than first meets the eye. My Instagram is a work-in-progress story. Please enjoy and interpret it at your own will.

I am available for commissioned work or to offer my unique services in a collaborative fashion. I am based in Los Angeles and am willing to travel. Please use the contact form below to get in touch with me.

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“Most of my artwork is done for personal use or gifts, but I don’t mind featuring my work on this site because I know the proceeds will help other artists like me stay true to their personal visions and dreams while supporting causes that mean the world to me.” – Lo Ali