Our Love Tribe is like a wolf pack. We focus on independent work but sometimes get together and collaborate. This empowers us to form a complex and comprehensive network that maintains our individual uniqueness. Through diversity we find unity.

Love Tribe

Meet the Intelligent Artists for Earth who passionately believe in progress through art and technology with love as a compass.


We believe in the power of music to heal and transform. Every now and then, we get together with awesome artists both local and afar to create something special and unique. Take a listen!

Works by Kenyan music group and Artists for Earth Dandora Music and Earthists Inc:

“Save Our Elephants” – a song created to bring awareness to the issue of ivory poaching.

 “Unbreakable” – a song created to bring awareness to the issue of Domestic Violence against womben.

“Together We Can” – a song created to bring awareness to the issue of climate change and how it affects us all.

“Asandore” – a dance song created with Nemar of Kenya and Artist for Earth Lauren Alice Hill to empower the youth to choose love above everything else. Hear it on the radio now in Kenya.

Work by Artist for Earth Lana Shea, local rapper Luckyiam of Living Legends and Earthists Inc:

“Sex Sells” – a hip-hop song created to bring awareness to the issue of gender equity.

Work by local artist Logan Coats, Kenyan artist Alisha Popat and Earthists Inc:

“Never Let it Get Away” – A smooth love song composed by the talented Logan Coats accompanied by Alisha Popat showing the power of music to lift people up and bring people together.

“We approached community based organization Earthists Inc with ideas and they were so interested to support. It has been five years now with them since we connected and I must say that the journey has been amazing.” – Dandora Music

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