Artist, Los Angeles

Genre: Poetry/Fine Art/Mixed Media

About: My name is Lauren Alice Hill or Lo Ali and I am on a spiritual journey of self-awakening. Throughout my life, I have found art, music and poetry to be an adequate method of expressing my spiritual purpose. Over the past decade, I have delved into my spirituality intensely. Most of my art work revolves solely around divination, prophecy and shamanism. For the past three years, I have studied the intimate language of Mother Earth. She speaks to me and I speak to her. I also study the language of dreams and visions, the art of communicating with the dead and with the help of a close mentor I have began to purposefully explore past lives and other planes of existence. I do my best to express my real-life experiences through my art work.

Some of my art work is ‘in the flow’ where I do not focus on details but rather create what comes to me in the moment or on the spot. These pieces represent my personal divination work.

My basic work I offer for free, general divination and prophecies for humanity. It is best viewed in chronological order since it represents my spiritual journey of awakening. Click on my Instagram link ➡️ and feel free to go to the tagged photo section for a more concentrated version of this work. Everything I do is rich in symbolism – take what speaks to you, leave the rest.

I created Earthists Inc and the Intelligent Art Movement -I AM- as a support community and encouragement network for those going through the same thing I am going through and find art and expression as a useful tool of personal growth. Spiritual awakening can be a very difficult process. It is often not straightforward, best to do alone so can be lonely or alienating, destructive and often induced by trauma. Trauma, if handled delicately, has the potential to be one of the most potent tools of transformation and can unlock unlimited energy for spiritual awakening. Healing trauma is one of the main driving forces behind my work. If my work speaks to you, may you find it to be healing, soothing, supportive and transformative. Always remember that without destruction, new beginnings cannot arise.



The Barn Owl – She sees through the darkness

Egg of Transformation – from endings come new beginnings

The White Horse Dream – Pain is to be treated delicately

The White Crane – There is peace to be found in the storm

The Crow – Shadows reveal what needs to be healed

The Woodpecker – Friends are here to help you along your journey

The Hummingbird – Never forget your God Given Glory

The Clover in the Spade – Enjoy the simple things


“Deep within your soul, ewe will find the power to change the world.” – Lauren Alice Hill